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After Auschwitz

After Auschwitz

Schloss Eva

Hodder And Stoughton
Isbn: 9781444760712
Wydanie: 2018

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After Auschwitz

Eva was arrested by the Nazis on her fifteenth birthday and sent to Auschwitz. Her survival depended on endless strokes of luck, her own determination and the love and protection of her mother Fritzi, who was deported with her. When Auschwitz was liberated, Eva and Fritzi began the long journey home. They searched desperately for Evas father and brother, from whom they had been separated. The news came some months later. Tragically, both men had been killed. Before the war, in Amsterdam, Eva had become friendly with a young girl called Anne Frank. Though their fates were very different, Evas life was set to be entwined with her friends for ever more, after her mother Fritzi married Annes father Otto Frank in 1953. This is a searingly honest account of how an ordinary person survived the Holocaust. Evas memories and descriptions are heartbreakingly clear, her account brings the horror as close as it can possibly be. But this is also an exploration of what happened next, of Evas struggle to live with herself after the war and to continue the work of her step-father Otto, ensuring that the legacy of Anne Frank is never forgotten.

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